The Suffering of Jesus

“More than the other evangelists, Luke presents Jesus as the pattern man, and the Christian life as, through the Spirit, the imitation of Christ.  This is particularly true of Luke’s treatment of the story of the passion.  The New Testament as a whole does not present the crucifixion in such a way as to appeal primarily to our feelings, and certainly does not exploit them.  The actual sufferings of Christ are not underlined in the way that we might expect when we remember that, as the New Testament itself shows, the Christian life was practically defined (by the Pauline epistles and 1 Peter) as a sharing in the sufferings of Christ.  It is not the actual physical (or mental) sufferings of Christ which are emphasized in the Gospels, but the shame of Israel’s rejection of her Lord.”

The Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible: The Gospel According to Luke by E.J. Tinsley; p 11