The Evangelical History

The Four Evangelists
The Four Evangelists woodcut by Jeff Hier, 1951

The Sum and the Order of the Evangelical History:
gathered briefly out of all four, even unto Christ’s Ascension.

Originally published in the 1582 Rhiems New Testament

Jerusalem Cross
Jerusalem Cross:
The Four Evangelists
“So Matthew among the Hebrews issues a Writing of the gospel in their own tongue, while Peter and Paul were preaching the gospel at Rome and founding the church. After their decease, Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, also handed down to us in writing what Peter had preached. Then Luke, the follower of Paul, recorded in a book the gospel as it was preached by him. Finally John, the disciple of the Lord, who had also lain on his breast, himself published the Gospel, while he was residing at Ephesus.

“The Gospels could not possibly be either more or less in number than they are. Since there are four zones of the world in which we live, and four principal winds, while the Church is spread over all the earth, and the pillar and foundation of the Church is the gospel, and the Spirit of life, it fittingly has four pillars… a gospel fourfold in form but held together by one Spirit.”

— Irenaeus, Against Heresies III

“Both sacred tradition and sacred scripture are to be accepted and venerated with the same sense of loyalty and reverence.”

— Dei Verbum, Vatican II (referring to the Council of Trent)

Part One: containing the infancy of Christ and the time that he lived obscurely.
Mt. Mark Luke John
1 The preface moving the reader to receive Christ, being the eternal Word of God, the life and the light
1 The Angel tells Zachary of the conception of John Baptist, Christ’s Precursor: and Elizabeth conceives him.
1 The same Angel doing his message to the Blessed Virgin, Christ is incarnate in her womb.  1st Joyful Mystery
1 Our Blessed Lady visits Elizabeth: and John Baptist is born, and circumcised.
1 The Angel tells Joseph that his wife is with child by the Holy Ghost
1 3 The genealogy of Christ
2 The birth of Christ in Bethlehem and his circumcision
2 The sages come from the East and adore Christ
2 Christ is presented in the Temple: where Simeon and Anna prophecy of him
2 Joseph with the child and his mother flees into Egypt: and returns to Nazareth.
2 Jesus being sought of his parents, is found in the Temple among the Doctors.
Part Two: coming soon.
Mt. Mark Luke John