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Christ Pantocrator - Cathedral of Cefalù
Christ Pantocrator – Cathedral of Cefalù

“He is the good Word of the good Father, and it is he who has established the order of all things, reconciling opposites and from them forming a single harmony. He is the one, Only-begotten, good God, proceeding from the Father as from a good source, who orders and contains the universe.” —St Anselm

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maryimmaculate.us – an unofficial website containing information about Mary Immaculate of Lourdes Parish in Newton, Massachusetts – mainly an unofficial archives of the Parish Bulletins, with some of the articles transcribed.  This project is in progress; here is a complete list of the bulletins archived to date.

WarrenMass.org – a temporary, unofficial website for St. Paul the Apostle parish in Warren, Massachusetts until they have their own website online.  (Please see some of the beautiful restoration work that they’ve recently had done at the parish.) This website is also in progress.

GrowGoodFoodGrow Good Food, a book on organic farming written by my grandfather, Paul Revere Ladd, Jr.:

“My earliest remembered dream is of walking through a garden. I know now that this garden was the primordial paradise. Later, Eva entered the picture. We decided to grow our own food. After our marriage in a Quaker ceremony (eventually followed by ten children and twenty-five grandchildren) a Jewish friend told us to get a statue of St. Fiachra, the Irish patron saint of gardeners, to subscribe to The Catholic Worker which advocated self sufficient farming and gardening, and to write to the National Catholic Rural Life Conference for practical information, all of which we did.” — Paul Revere Ladd, Jr.

Our Father with woodcuts by my grandmother, Eva Maria Ladd

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